Gaming Expansion in Florida Rests with the Florida Supreme Court


Two issues of profile now are in the hands of Florida’s highest court which could forever change the landscape of Florida’s gaming industry.

The first case involves a small horse track in North Florida, Gretna Racing. This quarter horse track located in Gadsden County, Florida applied for a license to operate slot machines after the voters in the county overwhelmingly approved their use. The slot machine regulator, citing an opinion by Florida’s Republican Attorney General, denied the application and litigation ensued. The high court heard arguments from the proponents and the Attorney General’s office as to the their interpretations of Florida law which should impact the pending application. The case will come down to a statutory interpretation of what an “eligible facility” is under Florida’s slot machine licensing chapter. Supplemental briefs were filed by other pari-mutuel facilities in Florida who copied Gretna’s actions and conducted successful slot machine referenda in their respective counties.

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